Monday, December 7, 2009

Etsy store

Hey everyone! I've got an Etsy store now.

I'm featuring mini album kits and other little bits from time to time. You know how I love to shop and this has brought out the treasure trover in me!

Anyhoo, hope to have the actual website up soon. ( But for now, I will remain FlimsyFilm - LOL.

Please check out my YouTube videos - see all the doof-meyer things I say! All I can say is, don't make videos at

Oh, and remember my post earlier this year about Luminarte? Well, they've just announced that they are part of the Creative Imaginations company. I don't know if it means they are partners or if CI bought them. My guess is the latter. You know, they had the Rain product years ago - I think the original "glimmer mist" - but I don't think they marketed enough, kwim?