Thursday, February 12, 2009

7Gypsies Caravan

It was really the Lucky 13 Gypsies!

Had a super time this past weekend at the 7Gypsies Caravan at Green Tangerines!

"Made" (more accurately, worked on) 3 projects. The photo carousel spinner, mini-book and another semi-transparent mini book.

We had an awesome group and GT did a fantastic job of making this more like a retreat. We had 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners (Morton's Steak on the last night, no less). Our group was great! There was lots of sharing and encouraging and I love LOVE those kinds of environments to create in.

Autumn was kranking out the first album as a 43 Things album. Her album came out really great.

I'm doing mine on 25 Things About Me (that you may not know and may surprise you). A kinder, gentler way to say, "The skeletons are out of the closet!!" JK! But I'll post when done. I've just finished the list today so I need to figure out the photos and journaling - you know, the EASY stuff.

Here is our Gypsy Guru, Brandi, who was just fantastic. Super enthusiastic in her gypsy attire and so helpful in the instructions, samples, supplies!

Here she taking a photo of Rebecca who picked up on all the techniques so quickly!

This is "The Boss" - LOL - otherwise known as Zaragina. She is working diligently here, when she's not counseling Autumn! LOL

This is Debbie who came with her sweet friend, Shelly (sorry I couldn't get a clear shot of you Shell!). She had the most awesome ribbon ring that made us all drool and add want to add that to our shopping lists - along with the stacking bins. They were so nice. Hope to see you both at future events at GT!!

And this is Paula-one of the Big Green Tangerines! Oh I wish I had a picture of her in her gypsy garb - oh so cute with turquoise (my favorite color) and a tamborine. She is just great!

I'll have to get back to these projects soon and I'll post. I have some other projects in the works that come first. Also, I'll post the cupcakes and t-shirts I made for my DS' 4th birthday! Let's just say we had sprinkles and I had to break out the vacuum cleaner! LOL. Have a good one everybody!!

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tginguyen said...

Hey Karen! I love the photos. You're now on my blog roll so pleas keep blogging. ;) Autumn