Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hello 2009

So, I've been nudged into making a blog post sometime in 2009. It's so much fun reading other people's blogs, it's a different animal to keep up your own. Doh!

Catching up:

Went to Red Hawk casino this weekend. Had a fabulous Prime Rib dinner. Only wished my potato was bigger and the meat smaller - spoken like a true non-carnivore! LOL! But the creamed horseradish and au jus were fantastic. I really wanted the Fresh Strawberry shortcake, but (dang it) got too full. I didn't take a picture. I was admonished roundly the last time I took a picture at a casino.

Red Hawk is brand new and really a great design. Great covered parking, eateries (not just a food court), and kid's area. I always cringe when I see strollers and kids in and around the slots and tables. :(

Took my mom to an ice skating show. She is a die-hard fan, not one of those fickle-fans who drift away once all the controversy is done and over with. It was a good show, lots of good music, great costumes, choreography and lighting. Maybe it was due to the economy, but it was only about 1/3 full. Michael Weiss, Ilia Kulik and Shen and Zhao were truly impressive. No matter how big or small the town or crowd, they give 110%.

Now, only a handful of days earlier, we took our DS to the Monster Jam. I am continually amazed at how arenas can take a basketball court, turn it into a dirt-filled, smashed car/bus berm-laded track, and then a lovely, pristine-white ice rink! I'll post some photos soon. But I have to say, I LOVE it! I was secretly thinking that I would. Love the speed and action and the graphics on the trucks! LOL. Lots of fun and so glad we brought ear plugs.

Just received the Christine Middlecamp kits - packed full of a ton of creative goodness. I can't wait to experiment with her layering style. Check out her blog! She has pictures of a new Staz-On product for transparencies. I LOVE working with transparencies and Tim Holtz' alcohol inks - every since I took classes from him at (the now closed) My Daughter's Wish store. I'm ordering from Treasures To Scrap nowadays - where it's 35% off everyday. Tracy also ships super-fast.

I'll post some photos later. And remember, Make Stuff Everyday!!

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